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The Gold Standard For Legal Practice

Dharma Law LLC Holds Practice Standards To Their Highest.

We go beyond providing expert legal advice to ensuring that our clients get the guidance and support they deserve. Let’s face it - the legal process is often daunting & confusing.


At Dharma Law LLC, we make law clear, accessible and relevant to your needs.

Our Lawyers

Dharma Law Area Of Practice

Areas Of Practice

Family Law

  • Civil Divorce

  • Syariah Divorce

  • PPO and Maintenance

  • Probate & Letters Of


  • Mental Capacity Act

  • Guardianship/ Wardship

  • Adoption

  • Wills

Civil Litigation

  • Contractual Dispute

  • Accident & Personal Injury

  • Property Disputes

  • Other Claims

Criminal Litigation

  • Corporate

       (Drafting & Litigation)

  • Private Client

  • Property Disputes

  • Mediation

News & Articles

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